Wife Got Me Hooked

I never really thought much about the taste of *** until I met my wife. When we were dating she would give me ******** and swallow my *** and never made a big deal about it, usually we would follow up with me ******* her which would include kissing her. I could smell my **** and *** on her breathe and sometimes there was a taste, but I didn't think anything of it because she had swallowed the lot.

One day she totally surprised me and kissed me immediately after taking my *** in her mouth and pushed her tongue and my *** into my mouth. I loved the naughty act and the taste of the ***. She would snowball me everytime she sucked me and we both enjoyed it. She then took the next step by having me eat it from her ***** after I filled her, it was so exciting tasting our juices together and I would kiss her and share with her. On occassion she would have me *** on her **** and face and have me cleanup the mess, the *** tasted different when consumed straight, but I loved it.

I have become a total *** junkie, I always lick and eat every drop whether it is mine or another man's ***.
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5 Responses May 15, 2012

my wife loves to tell me to come in her then talks dirty to me as she likes me to go down on her and lick her to ******.

yes, makes her cream all over again

Wow, what a great story and may I say how lucky you are to have such a cool wife. Thanks for sharing.

very hot. love the comments too.

How hot it would be to have a male friend slip into our bed as we slept. I'd love to wake up in the night feeling the movement of the bed and hearing the sounds of romantic lovemaking right next to me as he takes my wife.

I've been doing this with my wife for years now! We both love when I *** inside her and then eat her cream pie! And yes, countless times ******* on her chest and sucking her nipples and licking my *** while she brings her self to ****** with our toy! We also take my precum and share it while we're fooling around!

we must have the same wife/or her twin. i love it