The Taste Of Urine

I love to taste urine. I used to drink my girlfriend's pee years ago and now just enjoy tasting my own pee since my wife is not into this sort of thing. I do this quite often, usually every morning, and then at other times during the day. In the morning it's very dark and has a robust flavor. I usually swallow about 3 ounces upon awakening. Then during the day I taste it from time to time. Sometimes it's actually sweet, which means I've had too much sugar, but I love the taste and have drunk 12 oz. at a time.

There are pros and cons about drinking urine, but I find it kind of erotic. I have made tea with urine and instant coffee with it. And often pee into my soup or on a plate of food or on a sandwich, etc. On any given day, I swallow about 6 oz. of the golden liquid.

piercedfrskn piercedfrskn
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3 Responses Apr 13, 2010

Morning **** dark yellow and strong is the best one i like. I usually drink my **** everyday if possible. <br />
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Sometimes recycle what i **** drink water - **** - drink **** - drink water - more **** - drink **** - drink more water - more ****. and the cycle continues

I am always drinking pee but much prefer it from the source and can drink a pint or two quite easily if a couple of guys are there

Recycling it's good for our planet !