Oh Christmas Tree .....

" Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find , Charlie Brown, maybe painted pink." Lucy

I have memories of my very favorite Christmas tree, the one that came out every year of my youth. It was stored in the fruit cellar on a shelf .... Next to the canned peaches, pickled beets and all those " relishes " that the grown ups seemed to eat and even like.

Thinking back, it was a humble expression, worn and tattered, very meager in fact. It took it's place of honor on top of a small table in the small living room where other families most likely put their TVs. It was a vision to behold, at least to me.....

It wasn't tall, but round, with white " flocking" that had turned grey thru the years. A few silver sparkles of glitter still clung to the branches and a strand of blue lights completed the ensemble. The lights themselves had seen better days. Remember when Christmas lights were bigger than night light bulbs? They were not the little fashionable twinkle lights of today, they were " I'm here, look at me" bulbs. They were clear underneath, but got their color from the paint that was applied atop the clear bulb. Our blue bulbs were reverting back to clear, having suffered many scratches thru the years.

None of that mattered to me, a child of 3-5 years old. The fairylike tree kept me fascinated, spellbound even. If unicorns had been popular in the late 50s, I would have expected to see a BIG one in the living room next to the beautiful Christmas tree I found so magical.

Very young children don't require the latest and greatest, they are pure, innocent and full of wonder. Young children often don't know they are poor or doing without. I would pay so much to have that tree with me now... But!

It wasn't a tree at all. It was an ordinary, lowly sagebrush...
Made so glorious by a Grandma's love for her family who were very rich..... In spirit.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches...
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches ...
Not only green in summer's heat,
But also winter's snow and sleet ...
Oh Christmas tree ... Oh Christmas tree ......

How Lovely Are Your Branches ..... Peace to you, Kathie

Kathieredart Kathieredart
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Thanks for the reminder. My parents were much better off than your Gram, but not sure anyone could match her love.
We had nice trees when i was growing up. Have many wonderful memories.

Climber, I think your parents came close to matching Gram's love... ( I've read your stories )
I just BOUGHT a tree this morning instead of " harvesting " one of the trees I grow to be Christmas trees. Hmmmmm ..... I feel a story coming on.... You are very kind to read and comment on my stories, and for that here's a big Merry Christmas HUG..... ;-)

Well here is a hug right back with a big THANK You for writing such wonderful stories.

I remember all those things...the big bulbed lights, the flocking, the glitter and tinsel...and how beautiful we thought everything was....and you're right...to us it was. It was more about the feeling...back then. I miss that.

Ya know, I miss that too.... A lot! There was a lot of calm beauty in the non commercial Christmas holidays from the past. And this year, for me, ..... I'm making it my goal to not overdo... And to " give " donations even more than I always have. Go ahead and send my present tho....