Dream Symbolism/chakra's

Dreams exist in the realm of spirit and must be interpreted as such. Often people ask me to help them interpret various dreams but I can only assist them with the symbols they see. For instance, if someone tells me they  dreamt that they were in a basement, I automatically know that this dream arrived from the subconscious mind. A dream that takes place on the first floor, would refer to something that is going on in their conscious mind (while they are awake). A dream that takes place upstairs, would refer to the super-conscious. Colors also play an important role in dreaming and correspond directly with the Chakra's: Red is the base chakra, located near the genitals and it refers to instinct, survival, grounding. Increasing red in ones life, would be recommended for those who often think of suicide. However if you suffer from nose bleeds on any condition referring to the blood, then decreasing red would be advisable. Orange, which is the sacral chakra, refers to fertility, creation or creativity. Artists should have lots of orange around them to promote creativity, also women who desire fertility  This chakra is located around the naval area.

Next, is yellow, the solar plexus, This is a very important chakra because it has everything to do with the emotions, balance and the intellect.
It is said, that a good cry, helps keep this chakra in balance and any disruption to it, can interrupt all the other chakra's. Next we have the heart chakra. Its color is green and it is the center of love. Those who struggle with issues around love, should meditate on the color green  Green is also the color of healing. Isn't it interesting that most of nature is this color, its almost as though the creator knew, that having enough of this color was essential to our well being and our ability to give and receive love . Blue is the throat chakra, it's function is communication. Public speakers, teachers attorneys etc. benefit greatly from having this color in their lives.

Next, is the 3rd eye, Indigo, located in the center of the forehead, its purpose is visualization and creation.
During meditation, focusing on this chakra can bring about miraculous things. Finally, we have Purple or white it is the center of spirituality. It's location is at the top of the head. Interestingly enough, when babies are born this chakra is wide open, its their direct link to spirit as a child begins to grow physically, it begins to close. The connection is never completely severed though. Through meditation, this connection to spirit is  strengthened, and we are able to tap into infinite mind. We are spiritual beings, having a very human experience. I will talk more about this subject later. Thank you for reading it. Namaste.........
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I was once told that my chakras were imbalanced (or something to that effect). I wish I could meditate, but I'm too ADD.

My mind races...and all of these other thoughts get in the way.

Namaste . . . I love this stuff . . . fascinates me . . . thank you for sharing . . . I look forward to more . . . 8D