Secret Stacker

I just leaned about rock stacking from a childs program my grand daughter was watching.I wondered why I had never thought of that ! I started stacking last summer when I was out by a small lake on my bike.I have since stacked in many different areas and taken pictures with my camera phone.Looking forward to spring so I can get out and stack some more.Stacking relaxes me and a good looking stack makes me feel like I've built something only my mind could imagine.If you havent tried it,don't knock it....literally
thezigzagman thezigzagman
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I have rock stacks intermingled with my landscaping...when they tumble I re-stack. Teaches me patience.

ok i may be "knocking it" a tad, but that's just because i can be a very impatient person right when i would be NEEDING to do a calming exercise like this....sounds like the game Jenga to me, and all i can think is that i would be very frustrated when the stack fell down if i was already angry when i started the stacking...but that sounds very pleasant for you...i like the THOUGHT of it:)

Ok. I will google to understand what is rock stacking;) sounds very creative and fun;)

Hahaha...that is really cool! What kind of things do they say?

Knowing me,as they do, they usually ask if it was me who made the cool rock stacks(they know me too well) I act surprised ; )

Great story! Almost as much fun as stacking, is coming across someone else's handy work.

I stacked in an old gravel pit that the city I work for owns,have had other employees who have seen them comment and wonder who has done the stacking.