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While on the subject of "Alana", there's apparently also a car stereo brand by this name...

Apparently Grundig sells an Alana car radio... Googling taught me that they even have a bitchy streak :-D... Quite a few people have been locked out by their Alanas and are trying to figure out how to cajole her into letting them back into her it seems :-D

From the picture's I've seen of them so far, I'm not sure the manufacturer fully utilitized the potential for "heartpound" here :-D
lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 3 Responses Jul 7, 2010

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Funny thing is that I had only searched Business and Industrial type sections for this name... If you look at stuff like jewelry and like dinnerware (e.g. fine crystal), this name is used for many many more things... And someone even makes an Alana motorcycle boot for like women hog riders :-D<br />
<br />
I do feel like some of the folks whose used this name could have taken their products to "the higher heartpound" though :-D

Again, I'm initially concerned this might be an abbreviation cause so short... You know like getting all excited over a car named LIANA just to learn means "L)iving I)n A N)ew A)ge". I'm better off not knowing that! Let me think is her name! Don't take the fun out of this!

Again, I don't feel like linking the posts together anymore. The next Alana is one post over. I think she's the only other Alana posted to the group so far...