My Best Friend Sister

i was dating this girl we were about ninteen and believe it or not her aunt was only26 years old. they were kinda party animals but yet went to church on sundays.shes a black girl with carmel skin tone and silky , wavy hair she was so beatiful but kind of bold and sassy. she wore a cacky dress and black silky nylons. her aunt drove as her and i sat in the back seat. she also wore wooden clog mules shoes . icouldnt believe she put both her legs across my lap . i immedeatly offered a foot massage. she had the prettiest toes and high arches wich she always dangled off her toes unconsiously. as i massaged her aunt looks back and says hmm, mmmh must be that time i look up and drea is covering her face and with laughter in her voice says . i wish it was but its tickling the **** out of me.then she finaly lets out a true laugh and says im sorry but its not your fault my feet are so damed ticklish. i tried not to laugh but could hold it but it was nice of you to offer. i replied thats ok , i think its kind of cute and even funny. she never let me do it again and any time i get near her feet she laughs and moves them out of the way. she has a abeatiful laugh though. thanks for listning
22-25, M
Aug 27, 2013