A Well Trained Slave

I wake before you do. The cotton rope I bound you with still holds you tight as I lay against your back. I force my finger between the coils to test that it is still tight. I press my body against your rope bound back. As my **** touches your *** the blood begins to flow as it always does when I press against you. I put my hand down behind your legs and slide my swelling **** between your legs, hard up against your *** and *****. 

You begin to move and I move with you. Slowly our bodies begin to move rhythmically as I slide my **** back and forth between your legs. We have been here before, many times. Then I bite your neck and shoulders. I move my right hand up to feel your breasts held tight by the ropes. With your arms immobile, fixed to the side of your body, I have total control over you. 

Then I move my right hand down between your legs and press my fingers inside you releasing your warm juices. My **** is throbbing now. I grab the shaft of my **** forcing the head hard against your swollen labia, searching for the juices that will help me slide into you. As I find it I bite your neck and shoulder. 

With my free hand I grab your hair. As I enter you, I pull your head back hard, twisting your neck. I bite your ear. I whisper to you "That's it slave, that's where your Master's **** belongs.". I pull your head against my face and take your cheek in my mouth, biting down hard.

I wrap my legs around your left leg to brace myself so I force my **** deep inside your *****. The head of my **** moves back and forth, deeper and deeper with each stroke, searching for that perfect rhythm. And when I know I am hard up against the back of your ***** I hold it there, my **** deep inside you with my legs pushing down hard against your entrapped left leg. I feel your pleasure with you and we are one again. 

Then I slowly withdraw my ****. When I feel the head of my **** is held by your labia I stop. I wait until you start to shiver and beg "Please Master, don't take it out". Then I re-enter you with strong hard strokes until we find that rhythm again. We start to move as one, entranced by the sensual pleasure.  Then you begin to struggle, but not against me, against the feel of that supreme pleasure. I release your cheek from my mouth and my juices begin to flow, our bodies entangled, both breathing hard, our sweat combined, as we find that supreme pleasure, together, a Master and his Slave.

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May 12, 2012