I Enjoy Penis Plugs

I have a penis plug in me right now. I am wearing a stainless steel male chastity belt, and it has a hole at the end of the p3nis tube. this is where I have the penis plug inserted through the hole in the chastity belt p3nis tube and into my penis. the p3nis tube is curved down, and so, the 3 inch penis plug goes in at a slight angle, and so, sorta positions itself inside my penis in such a way that it keeps my penis from slipping up into the penis tube, when it happens to soften up a bit, and retract back into the tube a bit. When my penis starts to shrink back, it arouses the urethra, and then I grow back a bit longer, and that excites me even more. I had a penis plug with a through hole like the one in the picture at the side of the title for this experience group (I enjoy using a penis plug) ... I had a hard time getting it in the first couple times, but after a while it went in a bit easier, and then I found that it just wouldn't stay in... it would eventually come out on its own... but when it did stay in, and I took a leak with it inside my penis, ... it was really neat ... it would shoot a straight stream of pee out ... it was awesome! I've seen a number of penis plugs, but have only had two of them... I saw one that went all the way back into the penis... and had a ring that went behind the balls, to hold it in place... and it was a hollow tube, so you could urinate while wearing it... I wanted to buy one of them, but couldn't find a vendor with it for sale... just happened to see a pic of one on a couple sites... I'm still hoping I find it some day... looks like fun.
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Thanks for sharing Bob. I too have (as I'm typing these lines) an 85mm curved Penis Plug into the Steel Penis Tube of my full waisband steel chastity belt, also securing a 4" Steel Rattler Butt Plug under the crotch strap.<br />
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Penis plug has a Larger Bulb attached to the top of the deep inserting end and at night, there's definitely deep stroking motion as penis erects and gets flaccid. In the morning I do notice ***** discharge draining out of the drilled peehole of the belt's penis tube.<br />
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The idea is to resist teasing at night and not stroke against the belt, as being double-plugged, it can be very messy.<br />
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Some photos in my album.

Has anyone tried sounding? I just discovered what the term for inserting items in you penis was and that is sounding. Sounds exciting and I would love to try something othr than hairpins and WD40 straws. If you type in medicaltoys.com/lib-soundplay.htm you will find lots of info for safe sounding.

I just used the durex lube, I know not recommended but I learnt that afterwards. Nothing bad has happened though.

Hey nickelplateman. Had mine, the one in the picture, for 4 days now. That and a wand. The want went in easy enough but the plug is 9-10mm at its fattest and I just couldn't get it in. Well I did today, with a bit of pressure ( and lube ) it finally popped in. That was a bit of a shock, the opening muat be just smaller than the plug.<br />
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Well I panicked a little, given the pressure getting it in I didn't think it would come out so easy. I should also mention you get a such of pleasure as it finally goes in. Getting it out was hard and hurt a little, I could feel the stretching I suppose. I waited a bit and tried again, it went in a little easier but came out with the same amount of effort as before. But its good to know it will come out so I'm going to carry on and hopefully it will get a little easier.

Thanks for the info. I will keep trying and give a report once I am successful. One quick queston Matt what type of lube did you use. It was recommended that I use surgical lube.

Hello, nickelplateman. I thought I entered something here, but apparently it didn't go through? Any how, the long and short of it (pun intended ...) ... I used to have a penis plug that sounds like it was much like what you are describing. I didn't use lubrication, except for a small amount of spit on the area where the penis plug goes into the penis, and along the shaft of the penis plug. I then used a dry wash cloth to grab my SOFT penis head and work it into and through the glans ring, until it is in far enough. This usually took a number of attempts, as I would always start to grow and get hard when working the glans ring over my penis head. Good Luck... take your time, and have fun!

!!! I had forgotten that I had a penis plug that sounds like what you say you have, "nickleplateman". Mine had a glans ring with a curved rod attached to it. The curved rod went from the glans ring out in front of the penis head, and then had a small ball attached to the end of it, which then curved so that it would go about 3/4" or so into the urethra. I remember having quite a bit of trouble getting it in. I think I had the most success when I would grab and hold more and more of the tip of my penis with a dry wash cloth that would grip my flesh better than my fingers could. I would then work the head of my penis little by little into the glans ring while easing the ball into the urethral opening. It was a bit touchy, as I had to squeeze my penis head to work it through the glans ring, and that would make it more difficult for the ball of the "penis stopper" (I think that was what it was called) to make its way into my urethra. I lost that particular toy in a burglary. Someone broke in and stole my nice aluminum compartmentalized case in which I had quite a few penis and ball toys ... bummer. Lost a CB2000 and a RemyTube in there, and a number of c^ck rings and things. I still have a penis stopper type thing; it is made to look like a snake curved around just behind the glans, and then goes up around and into the urethra... think I'll put it on right now! ... one moment... !! OK ... just put on a c^ck ring and the snake penis plug. I've never tried to urinate while wearing this snake penis plug, but tonight I might give it a shot... also might see how it works during an orga$m... I am still considering getting that chastity device that has the thru-hole penis tube that goes up into the urethra, almost all the way back to where the ring behind the c^ck and balls is... that should be a real treat! Just have to not wear it so long that it leaves my urethra open to the outside area all that time... have to play responsibly! So I can live to play another day! Hope you find a way to enjoy your penis plug with glans ring. By the way I found it worked best for me if I didn't use any lubes, except for just a spot of spit right there on the ball that I was working into the urethra. That way I could grab hold of the skin of my FLACCID penis head and work it into and through the glans ring. Once I would start to get erect, forget it... had to wait until I went down again. Good luck & have fun!

Thanks Bob for the info. The plug I have you have to insert about 3/4" and then the glans ring goes on with about 1" of the rod extending infront of the ring and head of the penis.I don't see how the ball on the ring will be able to fin into the penis. I may be not getting something you are telling me. The company I bought it from recommends surgical lube to make safe insertion. I am anxious to try it. Your snake plug sounds very interesting and I would like to see one and might get one too.

Hi nickleplateman, I had a thru-hole penis plug like the one I see at the top of this page. it was rather short .. (I don't have it anymore--someone stole it!) I'm guessing it was not quite a total of 2 inches long, with a ring at the end to keep it from going all the way into the penis. I had to be larger than 1/4 inch probably at least 5/16" diameter, which sorta scared me, but I figured I had spent the money on this thing, and it looks like a real kick to have buried inside the head of my ****, so I played and played, and finally after much patience, and lots of really slippery pre-c^m, oozing out of my ****, with all the excitement, I finally got it to go into my penis. wow... what a rush... I figured as tight as it was, it would stay in there forever until I decided to forcibly remove it from the excited head of my ****. I took a leak while wearing it, and it was super cool ... it shot the pee out like a water fountain in a nice straight smooth "tube" of water! I think that all the pre-c^m must have contributed to it slipping out the next time I took a leak, the penis plug was ejected with the stream of urine! !!! bummer... then, I immediately put it back in. This time it went in a bit easier, ... especially now that I actually knew that it would really FIT in there! ...because honestly, I did't think it looked like it was going to fit, but it did, and... just as well that it got stolen, as it just wouldn't stay in much anymore, and so, it wasn't really that much fun after those initial play times. All in all, I'd have always wondered about it, if I hadn't actually gone ahead and gotten one. I'm sure you will enjoy it eventually. Just take your time, and be careful... easy does it, Dude! ...oh, but back to the kind that YOU have ... with a ball on the end... I don't know how big the hole is in your penis, but I've been told by my first wife that my **** was the biggest she'd ever seen, and the hole in the end of it was also the biggest that she'd ever seen, so maybe your hole is too small? ... in any event, Dude, ... be careful, and easy does it... don't force anything to make you uncomfortable... that's my motto (whenever I can remember it!)

I have the same exact 3.5" curved penis plug, with a 10mm ball at the inserting end or the 5mm shaft. It's true that the ball will resist getting in the pee hole. But once in, it slides in effortlessly.

I purchased a penis plug with a glans ring at the end and I not been able to get it inserted. I may be using the wrong lube and may not be pushing hard enough. It looks just like the one in the picture about for this experience except it had a ring a the end to slip over the head. I thought I ordered the plug with a hole and got one without so I won't be able to leave it in very long once I figure out how to get it in. If anyone has a suggestion I would love to have it. I also would like to see some pictures with a plug in with or without a ring. I've been inserting things into my **** of many years and recently saw the plugs. I would like to try one of the rods I've seen advertised, but they get rather expensive.

well, from my experience, most of the toys I've bought for my penis, and other parts of my body... I've enjoyed enough to say that they were well worth the money ... especially this $1200.00 Carrara Chastity Belt. I mention the price because ... as expensive as it was, I feel it was worth every penny, and I'm still enjoying my experiences with it. Right now I hate it, because I'm frustrated very much, and I've only been in it for almost 2 whole days now (another hour and a half, or so,and it'll be 2 whole days.) My penis plugs have all been great fun, and I might not use them for a day or month or more, but then I might play with them for hours a day for several days running ... just clean them up and wait for another time I get inspired to play with them... I'm guessing you'll be glad you sprung the money for a nice penis plug when you make the decision. Have fun!

I was looking on the internet, and found exactly what I was looking for!!! The hole-through penis plug chastity device... it has ring that goes behind the penis and scrotum, and then there is a hole-through penis plug shaft that goes into the urethra, and locks onto the shaft that is attached to the ring behind the scrotum and around the penis... it goes almost all the way back to where the ring goes around the penis and balls! ... so it is passing almost all the way through the penis while this thing is on! It looks really cool, a!!