Love My Tampons

I have been using tampons for years I love the feeling of a tampon in my butt! I have found the easiest ones to use are the plastic applicator ones like Kotex Super Plus & Tampax Pearl Ultras The plastic applicator makes insertion with some lube easy & feels soo good going in! I then proceed to put on my panties & a bra & start my day I love the feeling of tampon in me & my bra& panties just make the feeling soo much better As I am writing this I have a tampon in me & one between my butt cheeks plus pads in my panties a slip over my pantie! One of my favorite bras on with small silicone pads in it & a camisole over the bra My day feels just great now! Like I said I love my tampons!!
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love pearls tampons

Spot on --- I love the feel of a tampon going in and then when my wife will tug on the strings when we are making love.

Me too, It's great feeling and I feel so femme!