Truly Remarkable

There is something truly remarkable in helping others because you can, because you want to and not because some person or organization ells you that you have to. Within the LDS / Mormon Church, members are not only told to help but are often sent on specific missions, usually targetted to help fellow members or to help the church as a whole to appear as benevolent and helpful as possible to the general public.

At first I was happy to do as i was being told, but in time I started to see the tasks for what they were, a veil of lies made to make the church and its beliefs more attractive to potential members and less threatening to anyone else.

Now that I have broken free of the influence and shackles of the church and its false beliefs, I can actually and truly enjoy the volunteering work that I do. Time spent in shelters, hospitals or community centers are filled with people smiling and thanking me, and this time it is me and my actions that they are grateful for, not the misplaced views and beliefs of a man who had been deceived for far too long by a false prophet and the church of lies he helped create.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
May 7, 2012