Just A Peek

We have an old 125 year old house with amazing floor to ceiling windows.. One of the drawbacks is that in order to have a shower in the current upstairs bathroom, it had to anchor the shower rod right in the middle of the window sill, creating the perfect split into both the shower and drying area.. One night last summer, I decided to see what if anything I could see when the wife went in to shower. I turned the blinds upand slightly open and askew, so that you could theoretically see in from below at night, without being able to see out from the well lit room.

 When she went into the shower, I hurried outside to the darkened driveway side of the house, where I could see from a distance that the light was indeed on and that you could see quite well into the room. However, before I'd reached the place best suited to watch my wife ***** and shower, I noticed that a bicyclist had stumbled upon her show, and was watching from the best possible vantage point.

 He couldn't see me, but at an angle I could see her, but not nearly as well as this fellow could of my wife's hot body. As She ******** each piece of clothing off, it became erotically exhilerating sharing her with this totally harmless strapping stranger. We watched separately inthe dark as she showered, him totally oblivious to my presence.I could almost hear his pounding heartbeat. Just before she was ready to turn off the water, the man was startled by a neighbor who was walking his dog, and off he went, however I'm sure to pass hoping for another night's show. My dog walking neighbor stopped in the same place and glanced up at the wife as she emerged from the shower glistening in the light. In all, both men got to watch my sweetheart show off her beautiful body one night, teasing three men without even being aware..Or wasn't  she?

 It turned out she realized you could see up when the shades were turned, but made absolutely no effort to fix them. So the question remains..since she knew she was visible, did she simply put on a show, and did she realize it was for three men that night? That it worked out so well was quite the thrill. that she's since developed an enlightened sense of exhibitionism is another great thing to come out of it.

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you bet it was. good thing it was at night. so enthralled was he watching her, he didn't even see me walk past him..

Great story. Looks like you have what to show off. I bet that bycicle guy *********** a couple of times remembering the view.