I Love Nature

I have always had a good appreciation for nature. I'm not a hardcore hiker or anything, I just have a casual relationship with my surroundings. I suppose I would attribute it to the fact that my parents encouraged it so much. They bought a small little bungalow before I was born and they made a conscious decision to buy a house with a big picture window in it so that me and my siblings could be exposed to the wonders of nature. My natural interest in wildlife and plants was never stifled. I think that all children have a curiosity for those things. I would always be standing in front of the picture window watching the birds at the bird feeder with my siblings. My Dad would be standing with us asking us what all the birds were called. Or else we would be asking him. He would get out the Peterson Field Guide, and we would just spend ages talking about birds. I was home-schooled as a child, so I had all the time in the world to learn about those kinds of things. I've always thought that it is a shame that learning about those things is seen as more of a luxury than a common thing these days. Children are whisked away to learn about math, science and language without seeing what it is worth in the real world with their own eyes. They spend all their time indoors with the blinds drawn listening to a teacher talk while the sun is shining outside and they would rather be outdoors. I think it stifles them. I knew kids who didn't know the difference between a duck and a goose and never even stopped to wonder. I was lucky enough not to go to public school until I was old enough to make my own decision and comprehend the difference. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed public school. I just was lucky enough to go at just the right time. My homeschooling led to many nature walks. I still do it now, just for fun. When I was little and I got angry, I would often threaten to run away. Sometimes I would walk somewhere for an hour, and then decide that I didn't want to run away after all. I guess that's how I found out about how healing nature can be. After that, I learned to use nature to calm myself down. Now if i'm stressed, angry or sad, whatever is troubling me can be quieted by a walk outside. In that sense, nature means so much to me. If i'm feeling down, I can always count on nature to cheer me up.
Veryrandomgirl8 Veryrandomgirl8
22-25, F
Jan 20, 2013