Not For Itself

yes I don't enjoy walking late at night for itself , but I like it because it gives me that strange nice feeling with which I can think with clear mind ,new ideas , being apart from people who still are snoring etc .
I don't take a walk  every night , but when I do it lonly, I enjoy it.
bluenebula bluenebula
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5 Responses Aug 12, 2010

to be honest , you are right , I used to walk to some place where there was water to have a drink and go back . you can speak about 3 kilometers .I go in different realms every time I walk for such a long distant . I am not walking for the time being , unfortunatelly ):

I'm jealous of you man. I'd love to walk out at night, especially in a place with a beautiful background like your country :)

Yes jwebb the same for me , by the way not only walking at night but also staying alone and far from people is something very helpful and good for me

there are no dogs I have (&) .

Very true. It's like the air is finally clear enough for you to think.<br />
Although, I have to say that I very rarely do this alone. Lucky I have a dog.