I Love Wellington Boots In The Rain

When I was 12 years old I fell in love with wellington boots. Now not many 12 year old boys do that. It was my mothers fault. It had been snowing and she told me to wear my wellington boots to go to school. At first I said no but then I saw a boy who lived across the road from me and was a year older than me was wearing his boots. But he had turned over the tops of his boots to show the inner lining. This looked very grown up and I copied him. Now I felt grown.
A few days later at school our class did not have a teacher and we were all in the classroom making a noise. The headteacher entered the room as the boy who was wearing rubber boots if I had been making talking. I suddenly realised that he was talking to me. I could only say yes so he then told me to bend over and he slippered me.
Everyone in the class seemed to want to be my friend that day and the most popular boy in the class asked me where I got my boots from as he wanted some. I was really pleased with this and I kept wearing my boots.
But then the snow melted and I realised that I was the only boy still wearing his boots.

But then it rained and I suddenly realised the joy of wearing my boots in the rain.
I am now aged 60 but whenever it rains I pull on my rubber boots and I'm out there in the rain.
I feel 12 years old again.
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

So true, once hooked never to loose that attraction

A lovely recollection and one I completely understand and agree with!!!

Nice one.