Just Watched For Hours

I just watched 4 hours of girls eating out other girls. I am so wet it's like a slip and slide over here! I orgasmed without even touching myself. I love to watch a girl sucking another girls **** while the other girl writhes all over the place and **** in the other girls mouth. I love it the most when the girl is on her back spread eagle and vulnerable or when one sits on the others face with their ***** right in their face and they ride her face.....i'm just so horny now. It's almost like i can feel their tongue on and in my *****. Gotta go get my vibrator and get to work.
bbw2411 bbw2411
22-25, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Mmmm I would love for you to ride my soft face.... Do you have a hairy *****?

Yes :)

OMG, i would love to have it in my face...

so i take it you're a hairy ***** fan!

Yes I am!

Me too!

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