I enjoy watcing girl on girl and even tried to do this kind of sex. I did have a gf before and we were so horny. It was HOT. Passionate and it's safe. Nothing wrong with girl-on-girl. It's really awesome too because you both know where to start and where to hit it more. It's all about climax and urges. :))
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And about edging those climaxes to make them even more incredible!

i love watching girls kiss.....girl/girl sex is awesome too but the kissing is magical. please add me to your circle.


i like to watch lesbian **** too...sloppy kisses and 69 mmmmmm it makes me so horny.....

I sometimes think it is a wonder all women aren't But seriously, women are so beautiful, soft and sensuous. Watching two enjoying each other....tremendous!

That's true, and there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy it.

So very true there is nothing wrong with that and it is fun to watch

That is why I am sad I wasn't born a girl I want to play with my ***** too. We can't all be born blessed with a clitoris

And there is nothing wrong with that