She Loves That So Much

i love my girlfriend so much i dont think its easy to find amazing girl like sanjita she is already in polyandry marriage she has 3 husbands but i really respect her husbands and love them since they always welcome me , they love sanjita very much because she deserve to be loved and they always make her happy in all aspects thats why we always let our queen sanjita to dominate us, we like our lifestyle and we like to do what sanjita say to us specially in sex we found that when we penetrate her together she satisfied when she watching us in love together me and her husbands she likes to watch us kissing each others and lick our selves and she got excited when we chose one of us to be penetrated in front of her nose and we love it when she hold our ***** together in her hand or trying to collect us all in her mouth
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lucky man ,,are you married ,,i like to **** your wife the same way

I like that a lot ! I like the 'andry' part, but particularly the man on man while she watches and even participates. I love men as well as women; I love the lingum and the yanni.

The advantage of having a harem of subs is that You could assign different roles to each one, according to their abilities to please You.

yes of course we are in very much love in each of us so we always prefer to gather and help each other during sex with or without our queen but when she join us we gather on her of course not to tak turns and she is very sweet that she cast her self on us

Sounds like a lot of fun ?

yes the old men like to be the dominanter but me i really love to be submissive to my queen sangita also her husbands we all love sangita to dominate us together whether she speak or played the conceited silent queen and give us her toes to eat till we reach her yummy anus

but we are not tibetans i'm arabian and sangita is indian , one of her husbands is arabian too and 2 husbands indians

yes of course we love to gather our tongues in her anus i just cant describe our feeling we just love it so much .. thats why i want to merry her but i feel that i want take my time thinking about it