Of Course I Do

It astounds me that some are surprised when I tell them I do. 

It's probably just because I'm female or maybe it's even more than that, because only a little are surprised when I tell them I enjoy women kissing as well. 

But hell yeah I love watching guys kiss, it has to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen

there's just so much intensity and feriouciousness involved in it

And when girls kiss (well the kind i enjoy observing) they're intense but in a subtle softer way like they have all the time in the world which is extremely sexy too.

But back to my main point....yes

Yes I do :)


BlueIncarnated BlueIncarnated
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Am just curious, and don't know why girls so much like seeing us guys kisses<br />
Making out, and thought bi or gay man r cool ?<br />
ahaha I got many requests to kiss infront of them but never dare enough