My Wife

i am very interesting to see my wife ****** by other man or wife is very hot.she has big black *****.but my wife is not ready to sex with others.if u see my wife ***** i am sure u will want to **** her.what can i do?.pls give me a idea to involve my wife in group sex
venkram venkram
31-35, M
3 Responses May 14, 2012

if u want wife to sex with others you should show pics of big black ***** and boobies

Don't ever force her dear. Never do that. If she is not interested,leave it. Instead u can tell her some things about your handsome friends to her when u r in the middle of sex session.See her feelings. After some days of continous stories she will agree. And then u both will enjoy it.

you are right, she has a very nice ***** which should be ****** by many men; good luck