My Wife Enjoying Other Men On The Dance Floor

My wife and I have been hitting some clubs in the L.A. area over the last 6 weeks. She is the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I get so turned on when other men stare at her. Well, she always ignored them but since I kept asking her to look back and smile we have been getting a lot of attention. Ok, she has been getting a lot of attention! A couple of weeks ago two men danced salsa with her and each had their hands all over her. Not only did I love it but my wife really enjoyed the attention. Last week we met an off duty policeman about 35 years old who is very good looking. {We are 50} As we sat next to him and his friend they were placing their hands on her back and thigh. All the time she was rubbing his leg with her foot. We left the bar around midnight because we both couldn’t wait to get back to our hotel room. Please share your stories of your women on the dance floor. Share how long it took before she wanted another man in her bed. Hey, share whatever!
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4 Responses Aug 21, 2010

Very hot story. It is so hot to watch a wife really get into dancing with other men, as they run their hands all over her body and she responds to their touch, melting into their arms. Saw my wife do that a few times years ago - need to go out again and recreate that...

tonight aug 20th we are going to the club mayan downtown los angeles. come out and play with my hot sexy wife. it will be easy to find us becausei am theonly white guy.

There is nothing more exciting for me than to have my wife dance with other men. I have mentioned on another forum that we salsa dance often. My wife now has a number of very short dresses that barely cover the tops of her thigh highs and all the dresses are the flaring, twirly kind. She always wears the sheerest, sexiest panties and so when she is on the dance floor and she is twirled, her beautiful butt and ***** are on display. When she dances the bachata with a man, he will usually hold her close and she will respond by grinding into him as well. If he is bold enough, the man will feel her up. We often invite a man to our table and we try to get a booth so that my wife can sit next to the guy. It is easy to encourage him to get his hands up her dress and she will purr with enjoyment as the guy fingers her. Occasionally, this will lead to more, but my wife has to be in the mood.

So hot. Would love to do that with my wife, but have to get her to wear the sexy clothes and go out first...

hi i want to do the same! i have a sexy wife and i would love to see her grinding with another guy! email me if you are in london