Has Anyone Else Counted How Many Times A Lovers **** Has Gone In And Out Of Your Wife?

The last time my wife was with her ex boyfriend I decided to count how many times he thrusted his **** in my wife. My wife's ex boyfriend, the one that is going to be moving in with us, thrusted his **** in my wife 12,082 times before he came in her the first time. After he came my wife took his **** into her mouth 432 times before she got on top of him. While she was on top of her boyfriend his **** went in her another 8,942 times before they changed positions. As Shane ****** my wife doggie style his **** entered her 7,423 times before they got into the missionary position where Shane's **** entered my wife's ***** 10,745 times before he came again. By this time Shane's **** had entered my wife either in her ***** or in her mouth a total of 39,624 times and he had *** in her ***** twice.

I counted the last time my wife and I had sex. I had thrusted in her 2,000 times before I got off in her. And once I got off, there wasn't a second time or any oral. Since my wife has sex everyday with other men I have had to think of how many times ***** have thrusted in and out of my wife, and it is mind blowing.

Has anyone else ever counted like this?

TantrikMan TantrikMan
1 Response Nov 8, 2011

How many times has he ****** her? Now times that by how many times he goes in and out of her before he comes. One other question, how much *** does a guy have on an average? Then how many times does it take to make a shot glass full? Then you will know how shots of *** you wife has drank or has had shot into her *****.