Prepare You Wife For Sex With Strangers

   It starts early in the day. You can carry, or have that mental foreplay all day. Sometimes we  go shopping for new clothes, or lingerie. After her shower, the first thing I like to do is trim up her *****. Sometimes have a little racing stripe, or a triangle, whatever. Make sure she is very well groomed between the legs for the occasion. If it's a quick-**** she wants, and you want, you don't really have to worry about alot. Just have her panties the high-french cut, or thong that's easy acces for a stranger to pull to the side. A bar or lounge kinda across town works best. Maybe one with a pool table, so you can bet a guy, and you lose the game. A short dress or skirt is a must. Have her sit where men can see her legs, and then have her just ask them. She tells the man she meets or is just talking to her, or danced with, ect, that you both are leaving, and she wants to ****. You just tell the guy if he wants to **** her in the parking lot to hurry up. That's really not to hard to do. If she's dressed nice in a short skirt/dress, they'll be there. I like to watch her bent backwards, that's with her facing the guy. All he has to do is unzip his pants and pull hers to the side. I'ts a sensual sight to see her bent backwards, with her dress around her waist, and some of it falling partway down her thighs, with a strange man pumping her from the front. If she leaves her panties on, they will be nice and wet from both their juices. Also, it's fun to have her suck a guy from the car seat with him standing outside your passenger door. She shows her legs, 'cause she's wearing something short, with her high-heels on the ground, and the guy standing between them. Some of the most fun is getting her ready to go to a nice lounge to pick up a man or men by herself. The most erotic I find is being in the closet, or 2 way mirror. Video is great, but not like watching a couple studs **** her live. When she knows exactly where you are, and the men don't, she can position them so you can watch their ***** going in and out of her, not a few feet from your face. I've had her stare right at me while some guy is ******* the **** out of her. I'ts easy to get rid of them too. Set a time with her before she brings them home. After they come once or twice, she can say her hubby is coming home or whatever. She has had three different men in one night before. Also, a fun time is have her in heels, and very short dress playing waitress for you and some guys watching a sports game. She will allow them to grope her a little here and there, but only if you want to. She can get in the middle of the floor after the game and you can watch them ********, or take turns with her. We have handed out different things for men to do with her in like, hat draws. One gets her to swallow him, one gets to have her ***, ect.  More later,  see ya..............ed

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i wish i could join you all! anyone in london?

my husband also almost like this, he like very much when i wear more sexy dress, if i have any meeting with some special clients or person he choosing my dress, shoes, fancy items....etc..

A nice article, given me a few ideas. My only involvement this far in the preparation of my wife is helping her to buy some sexy underwear, and in shaving her the day before.

So well put....a nice afternoon or evening out in a short skirt or dress is my favorite. No need for planning beyond this, she has all the charms neccessary to entice a new playmate. <br />
This just might be a plan for this afternoon. ;)<br />
Thanks for the inspiration.....

For an instruction manual - this is very hot!