A Classmate Wets Just Before the Bell.

 class was almost over, five or six minutes to go.  I noticed the girl sitting to my right fidgeting, but she was being as still as possible.  She had really long hair, a good looking girl bu I didn't really know her.  She wore one of those cloth hats, I think she was menonite.  Long skirt, half way to her ankles, heavy cotton or wool. A very quiet girl but she had my attention.  She took her books from under her chair, looked as if she wanted to leave but to shy to say anything.  A few more minutes passed.  She had pulled her hair forward so it hid her face.  I think she saw me, I wasn't staring, or was I?  Then with only a minute to go, I heard this hissing sound and knew she was peeing.  She was still peeing when the bell rang but I sat still waiting.  Before she had finished peeing the back of her skirt was soaked, and pee was running down in front of her chair and dripping to the floor. It was a good thing she had grabbed her books.  When she finally finished and stood, I made to help her and suggested going to the gym so she could at least get into her gymsuit.  She would have none of that, she had wet herself, and it was her punishment to wear her wet skirt and panties.  I watched her go, then made a dash for the girls room where I quickly flipped up my skirt and soaked my own panties.  

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I lost a bet and now i have too wet myself, and you get too decide how and when!!! http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/532087

It is quite a delightful experiance to watch. I had the happen to a girl in class when I was in I think middle school. I loved watching her

Rachael, I really wish you had been there the time I wet my pants in school. I'd have had an audience that appreciated what I did. I suppose you wouldn't have told me that though. Unless you did so here in this forum.

i would love to see this happen but sadly i have yet to see anything of this sort. i have seen several girls pee in their pants though, but never because they couldnt hold it anymore

That pretty much happend to me in the 2nd grade, accept i had been holding it for a while, and once i got to the bathroom there was a line, and i couldn't hold it and it just came out, and then my mom had to bring me clothes to change into, it was really embarassing

Lovely comments, well written, it is amazing how many people have had this happen, or seen something like this happen, and obviously it really sinks in and affects each of us in our own way.<br />
I remember a couple girls talking, they had seen something like this happen, and they were all excited, discussing the incident, wondering what it felt like. I suggested they do it themselves on purpose so they would know. I don't know if they did though, I surely would have.

I know what you mean. Except for the dress style I could have written that story.<br />
Here is the one I saw.<br />
Sitting in class the new girl was squirming. I could not miss her she was seated in front of me. She has her hand up but only just so you could barely see it. She kept bouncing in the seat squirming. Soon her hair was forward and shortly after she laid her head between her arms hiding her face. Then it happened. I heard not the hissing, she had been leaking awhile before she let go full force. No the first was a slight dripping noise..then came the hiss and a flood came out the back of her dress because of how she was seated laying down on her arms...And I was also surprised as my legs beacme wet cause my legs were under her seat.<br />
She was softly crying and the teacher finally saw and escorted her to the principals office. She was back in class later with a pair of pants and I assume panties they kept in the office on.

Hot story!!!

Very sexy story. I could have been that little girl rather easily. I'd have probably done the same thing you did Rachel. I am getting really turned on reading these stories!

i wanted to go to the toilet in class and the teatcher would not let me go, and i started to pee and it would not stop, i soaked my pants the wee was all over the floor, and everone was looking at me, i was a night wetter so i just thought everyone will no i wet my bed,

And it was very nice of you to offer her some help.

Thanks for sharing the story ... Seems you got a little excited by it ;-) I know I would have ...