Personal Experience =.=

It has been a long time since I'm desperate to pee, to be accurate, I had almost forgotten the feeling of being desperate.

Here's the story, I know I'm just a random boy who's not sexy in omorashi but just sharing it:

I was tired this morning, woke up and felt like sleeping again. I didn't wake my mom too early and when I did it was kinda late. Mom rushed me to school and unexpectedly there's an assembly, everyone's queueing to the hall. I put down my bag in front of my class and was heading towards the toilet to clear every single drib, but a prefect was behind the long queue, I don't want to be asked why I was heading that direction. Hence I cut into the queue and headed towards the hall like everyone else.

I was talking secretly (prefects are annoying) with my friend about the newest Naruto Shippuden Chapter as we were all sitting on the hall's floor. The assembly started, I was quite lively at the begining, the principle had given some annoying speech and... As time went by my bladder felt like filling. It was unexpectedly fast to my disbelief, soon I get desperate. I'm no longer lively and went quiet, hoping that the assembly ends sooner.

However it wouldn't! Right after a person finishes his speech there'd be another one. I was crossing my legs tightly and the more I hope it ends the more annoying those speaker sounds. When it has come to the 3rd person, which is the most annoying one, I was rocking my body and hurting myself with my fingernails. I felt really painful on the lower tummy and scenes of my omorashi stories pop out from my mind. (for some reason after I had started to write omorashi stories it gets harder to hold my own =.= ) As I got desperate I look at the form 6(meaning 18 or 19 upper students, the only group of girls in my school) girl's students, wether they look like they're desperate =X

After some hell-liked endurance I lied to the 2 persons beside me that I was feeling sick, so that they wouldn't know why I was quiet and fidgeting all of sudden. 1 joked that I'm pregnant and oh well, I couldn't care much. Continue hurting myself to distract my bladder discomfort the 3rd person's speech FINALLY ends! Before that I've noticed that a few students are asking the prefects wether they could go to the toilet, but most of them got denied(too bad I'm in a boy school no desperate girls =( ) I was worried about my situation and my pride.

We are called to stand up and sing our school's theme. As I stand holy crap my crossed legs are feeling painful! I felt a little happy cause I thought it's going to end and I'm going to pee! I was fidgeting and tapping my legs on the floor as the song went on. In the middle of it I felt like my bladder's muscle had lost it's strength and I felt like wetting myself. I just couldn't wait anymore!

After the ******* theme, "ALL THE TEACHERS PLEASE GO BACK, STUDENTS STAY." (in Chinese)

I had enough of this! Since there are quite a lot of people who were excusing themselves. I told the 2 guys beside me, "I can't hold my puke anymore!"

Eventually I ran to a kind prefect and said, "can I please go to the bathroom I need to throw up." (acting like I'm sick, covering my mouth and fidget) He responded, "oh god throw up? please go faster!" And relievedly I've opened the side door of the hall by pulling. "WHY IS IT LOCKED?!" I asked. The prefect opened it for me by pushing =.= it was embarrassing ZZZ. I rushed to the nearest boy's toilet and WOOOOOT!!!!!

As I came back we were called to stay for like 20 minutes doing many stuffs. Luckily I made that brilliant move, if not I wouldn't want to think of it...

The worst moments was when the 3rd speaker wouldn't end his annoying speech as I kept hurting myself, he's annoying! Also when I was singing the school theme, it was like going to wet myself any seconds =( The whole thing was long, I had hold like half an hour and I found it painful to hold my pee. It has been a long time, now I've recall the painful experience of being depserate. T.T


OmorashiLover OmorashiLover
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Feb 17, 2010