When It's On Purpose

i hate all the stupid desperation stuff. there is nothing i like more than hearing someone say they have to pee and then purposely let it go in their pants or panties, i like watching girls squat down and let it all go in their pants. i also like seeing pant pooping, but my poo fetish ends right there.lol

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6 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I agree, it's a lot sexier when it's deliberate

I don't announce it, unless maybe to let my husband know, but I don't do any desperation either. I might put off a moment while I gt to a better spot but If I have to pee, I pee. No pee-pee dance, no squirming, no clutching, I gave all that up before I was ten. Stand quietly and enjoy the urine flooding my panties, running down my legs under my skirt, to the ground. And no one the wiser.

Desperation can have its attractions, especially if I fancy the girl involved, but I'd rather go little and often, enough to know I'm damp but not enough to show outside. Who says public peeing is easier for men?

Yeh same im not really into scat yuck, but love ******* and pooping myself, id like to look you right in the eyes and **** my pants and let you squish it around in my pants, do you like nappies?

same here pee and poop pants and panties no more no less :)

Here! here! to no desperation. Much more fun to just wet yourself when you want to pee.