Good Show, Canada

Pretty good Olympics.

Enjoyed the medal ceremony music especially, more than in other Olympics. (I believe each Olympics has its own.) The performances of "Oh Canada" in the closing ceremony actually had me humming it afterward. Boy, Neil Young has lived a long time for a rock star and I remember hearing that song on FM radio a long time ago.

A great hockey tournament. US has played like chumps in almost every one since 1980. Glad to see that reversed. Canada has been underperforming for a long time in international hockey, just like the US has been underperforming in international basketball. And in this one, the US definitely played better than Canada up until the final game. If somebody else was going to win it, I'd much rather it be Canada.

Not at all commendable that the Canadian fans cheered for the US hockey opponents even when it wasn't them. In great contrast to that, NBC in its coverage highlighted Canadian successes almost as much as US successes. Almost to the point of my annoyance. But it has occurred to me, maybe NBC has a big viewing audience in Canada. If that's the case I understand it.

Where was Loreena?

Kudos to whoever's running the US winter program. It's clearly come a long way.

Congrats to the Canadians on their gold medal haul.

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Loreena?<br />
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Yes, a very memorable games.

It was onf of the Best Olympic shows and coverages ever....I found it very exciting this year to the point of instead of being annoyed at the pre empts of my Fav. shows, I looked forward to the Games.....I am Chuck and I AM CANADIAN!