Five Senses

Like most of us, I enjoy the beach using each one of my senses. see the waves rolling. The gulls flying. The sandpipers hopping along. Watching kids run and play and build their dream castles. Touch....the feel of the sand under my toes. Wether is is walking by the moist sand and sinking slightly into the ground. Or hopping across the hot sand when walking home. Smell....the smell of the sea. Now I admit sometimes it does get fishy...but what's wrong with that really? Its natural. However, my favorite smell is that of sun lotion. For me it is the smell of 'home', much like people who remember their mothers baking pie or chocolate chip cookies. Taste...well, what can you say? Who doesn't love a sandwich with a little bit of grit? (Okay...that's a reach there, but I'll take the free pass) And finally for me the most important one....Sound...the sound of the surf. And it has so many sounds...the soft lulling roll of small waves as they come to the shore in little crashes. Or the large waves that roll in, moving anything and everything in their path.
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1 Response Jul 15, 2010

THe beach is a very contemplative place. After my HS graduation thats were I went. And it was one of the places I went when I was overseas...the beach.