Mercury From The Floor.

Years ago I took a job offer and moved back to this small town that I went to high school at. The place I was to work was a large shop in the middle of this middle class neighborhood. One morning I was laying on my creeper under a truck with the shop door slightly open. Adjusting the clutch cable on a truck. I seen movement across the street and stopped what I was doing. This women stepped out behind her car and opened the trunk of this mercury that I usually just see parked in the mornings. She was wearing a dress that was yellow in color and just over the knee. had tan PH and high heels. I don't know what she was looking for but she was really digging for something in the trunk. And every now and then the cool morning breeze would very gentle lift her skirt higher and expose a beautiful pair of thighs, while she messing with what ever, I got so excited I rolled over on the creeper and let out my hard **** and started to play with myself. Then like if she knew some one was watching she would look up and glance up the street but never my way. I never though I was every going to enjoy a show like this and exploded. Then she walked to the car door opened it and set in the seat with her foot out.. Finally she left for work.
The whole summer went by like this every morning, She would walk out dressed very nicely in a dress and high heels, she'll be putting things in the trunk then leave. Of course I would be watching and get myself ready, leaving a small gap to look thru. . One day I remeberred to grab my camara a pentax AE-1 with 3X and a telephoto lens. I set up on a tripod and snapped some pictures. Of course then I recognized who this women was. Her name is Bernadette... She has always had beautiful legs and dressed nice in high school. needless to say the job ended after 9 months and I had to go away to another town..I sure missed my watching her while I played with myself. wishing I would *** on her legs or high heels..

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May 20, 2012