Better Than ....

They are for guys, too, but (ooops) they go in somewhere else!

First off, I am NOT incontinent and I do this by choice for the pleasure I derive. I am NOT an adult baby. I wear cloth diapers at night and usually soak them through. Sometimes it seems there is something flowing for minutes if not going into two hours. This is much more satisfying to me than normal intercourse or solo action. I really just love to go.

Since I was, shall I say in the mood yesterday, I decided I would again take my afternoon walk wearing my only (sigh) Carol cotton diaper panty with one of my latex covers. It took a while, 40 minutes or so, but then it started to flow as I walked. When it does that I can contract my muscles and it seems I can just squeeze more fluid out. After about 20 minutes of this I arrived home and decided I should change and pre-wash the diaper and pad.

I went to bed at 1030 or so last night in another of my thick cloth diapers (I have 3). Had my fun, as usual. A big part of my pleasure derives from my relatively new DunWa plug (dungeon delights). Seems I am able to pump out the liquid by contracting my muscles pushing the plug forwards and pulling it backwards as I am lying on my side or stomach. The sensation of the inner ball spinning or moving or clunking inside the outer ball is very addictive. The weight of the object makes that quite difficult.

I have been wearing this plug 24/4 or 24/5 or 24/6 for a few weeks. Previously I had mainly worn solid plugs or Aneros toys, but never the same so many days in a row. I had occaisionally worn another BenWa ball set with two smaller clear but same size balls with a single ball inside each. I can make those spin much more easily. So this morning as yesterday, after I did my business, I decided I would wear those. Since I really enjoy the movements inside me -- I am guessing the smaller size makes them easier to move and manipulate when they are inside me -- those were the natural choice.

Now I have some disposables left from an order I made and decided to try wearing those.... see how long I would wear them before it became uncomfortable. Previously I had almost exclusive worn them when the cloth ones were not dry although I did wear them on a walk.

So, again being in the mood, I diapered myself and for safety pulled another of my latex covers over this one. I went outside to take care of some yardwork and have been inside since about 10 am. Anyway, needless to say, I have started going again. Started in he kitchen as I stood next to my uncooperative seemingly a -s e x u a l spouse. She knows nothing of the pleasure I derive without her -- wants to know nothing. Squeezing the BenWa balls just seems to keep the flow or sensation of the flow, the pleasure of it and the warmth inside me and outside me - going. Once already nature took over and it just uncontrollably gushes out. That is very satisfying even as I type and post.
joylover joylover
61-65, M
Dec 12, 2012