Wearing Dresses

I started out when I was in the service in Germany, I used to go out at night and take womans cloths of of their clothes lines and dress up in them. When I came back home I started buying panties, bras, slips, stockings, dresses and high heels. I would wear them on my way to work in the morning and ********** in a parking lot. I would shoot the *** in a cup and drink it. Now that I am retired it is a little harder to dress up, (the wife keeps close regins on me). But I do on occasions get to dress up. When ever I can, I go to the State Land not far from my house dressed up, Lately I have had the urge to suck a **** while dressed up. So far i have sucked of 13 men and swallowed the load. I gotten so that I woukd rather suck a **** than **** my wife.
lottsafun lottsafun
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Maybe you should not have married? It's not just that you are living a lie, you are making her life a lie as well. And you knew bloody well this wasn't going away when you married. You may have told yourself it would but inside you knew it wouldn't.