Dresses Make Me Feel Feminine

I just love wearing dresses. The preparation with fresh panties, bra,and sometimes a lacy slip. Not to forget pulling on my pantyhose.

I would get shivers when unzipping the dress with anticipation as I lower it to step inside,and to feel the coolness of the liner against my smooth nylon clad leggs.

Then to draw it over my shoulders feeling it contour to my body as I pull the zipper up my back.Locking me into feminine Ecstasy.

Afterwards shifting and arranging looking at how it moves about my legs and how it swings momentarily cover my shoes.

I love how it sweeps my thighs at the hem. Oh there are some many wonderful senses being stimulated...;-)
angiecan angiecan
51-55, T
3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

yes me too,,, i adore it.

OMG, what I would have given to have a little sister like you!!!!

Loved to have a sister to explore my femininity. ;-)

or even a little mixed up brother to dress..... so cute!

Very good way to describe the pleasure of wearing a dress

yes it is,,, he's so good