My Morning Walks.

Every morning at about 4 am I take my dog out for a 1 mile walk around the subdivision. I started these early morning walks so that I could wear a cloth pull up under some cotton shorts and pee all over my legs and such and walk the neighborhood with wet clothes without getting busted so to speak. After a little over a month of these outings I have progressed(?) to wearing just the pull ups under a long shirt and shoes and socks of course. I usually make it a block or two before I am forced to let go and wet myself. After that I get spurts here and there for the rest of the 30 minutes or so it takes to walk the mile. I love the feeling of walking around like this with the breeze (if there is one) blowing up under my shirt and keeping me cool. I have only once seen anybody else out at this hour and they weren't even friendly enough to return the 'good morning'. I feel like this is pretty safe as far as someone seeing what I am wearing since there are few if any people out then. Generally I see a car or two, but they never stop to talk to the stranger walking his dog. A simple thing but oh so satisfying to my deviant nature.
Joey7159 Joey7159
51-55, M
May 24, 2012