I Love To Wear Panties

I am a straight, married man with grown children.   I have been fascinated by panties as long as I can remember.   From an early age, I liked to see them, wanted to touch them, wished I could try them on.  Then, as now, I loved to see, hear or say the word "panties."    I had a couple of chances in early childhood to try them on.  I don't recall the specific first time, but two early experiences come to mind:   One was a pair my sister got for Christmas that I tried on while no one was home.  Another time, there were 2-3 new pairs that had been bought as part of a donation to a local orphanage.   They were the right size for me, so I secretly  took them out of the box of clothing and put them on in the privacy of my room.   I wore one pair under my clothes for an evening out with the family once.   Alas, they were soon delivered to their intended recipients. 

Opportunities increased in college and early adulthood, usually by sneaking a pair here or there from the current girlfriend.   Eventually, I began buying my own, first from catalogs, later on line.   Along the way, I let my wife in on my secret and she was fine with it.  In fact, she likes the way I look in panties.  She bought me my first pair of Victoria's Secret panties as a Christmas gift a few years ago.   She gave me another pair of VS bikinis for a later birthday.   Now I wear panties most of the time.  

I don't have any desire to be a woman, nor have I any sexual attraction to other males.   I just enjoy wearing panties.   Love the feel, the look, the variety, etc.   It just seems right for me to be a man who wears panties.

Here I am in one of the two dozen or so pairs of panties I own.
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very nice, and I can totally relate! :)