Do Women Enjoy Wearing Rubber As Men Do?

I'm often wondering why it is that most people who love to wear rubber are men.
Do women enjoy wearing rubber or not and if not why not?  I would like to share my love for rubber with
women. Can you help me understand what 's going on?  Thanks.
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Hi Guys.<br />
<br />
I am a lover of latex/rubber wear and have been for ten years, since my late teens.<br />
I have no idea why I got into latex/rubber but it just sort of grabbed my attention one day and soon I could think of nothing else but getting into a pair of latex panties so I ordered some on line and when they arrived I shaved and slipped into them as soon as I had a chance.<br />
I was hooked, I now have a huge collection of latex/rubber clothing but I will admit 75% is underwear.<br />
I buy tight latex/rubber underwear, at least one size smaller than my normal panties and bra’s so in a way I use the latex/rubber underwear as bondage clothing, (I also have a thing for bondage.)<br />
<br />
In the years I have been into latex/rubber wear I have noticed that there is a vast array of latex lingerie sized for men, that would suggest that the men buying the latex underwear also have a thing for ladies underwear and part of their fetish is also wearing ladies underwear, having spoken to lots of men in the fetish lifestyle they usually admit to first wearing girls/ladies panties before turning to latex/rubber. Some even go further and try plastic panties and such.<br />
<br />
My philosophy is live and let live, if a man enjoys wearing panties/knickers that is fine with me, if a man/woman enjoys wearing latex/rubber underwear that is also fine, we should all be allowed to live life in comfort doing what pleases us, not what is expected of us by our peers.<br />
<br />
In answer to the main question, yes there are women out in the big wide world who love the feel of latex/rubber especially between our legs; it is just that we don’t tend to shout about it like men do for some reason.<br />
<br />
Kim.<br />
Formally<br />
(latexkimcarr).<br />
Stay slippery. XXX

Well I certainly know one who is a genuine rubber lover - even more than I am. We're in love with each other and intend to get married. It can happen.

You are a very lucky guy.

If you look at the rubber shops all over the world you'll notice that the designs for female clothes far outnumber those for males. Now, even allowing for transvestites, cross-dressers and the like, it seems to me that many of these designs are bought for, or by, females.<br />
Some women must wear rubber to please their partners but others surely wear it to please themselves. There can only be supply if there's demand and the supply is huge.

I can only tell you that when I was married, my wife was a good sport about wearing latex for me – that doesn’t mean that she particularly liked it. Actually, I don’t believe that she did like it like me; but she hadn’t been into rubber for 55 years either. In other word she didn’t have a fetish like me/us. To answer your question, I’ve never researched the “whys”, but like you, I have noticed for years that it seems to be a “mans” thing, and often a bi-sexual or homosexual trait. While I’ve never “gone there” – bi or …. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to get sexual with a guy. I ABSOLUTELY DON’T have any thoughts that I could love a man like a woman – that turns me off big-time. For me, latex is a sensual thing like it is for most guys, and consequently our/my mind crosses over that fine line as to who I will share my **** with. Who knows, it may only be a fantasy, and something that I really couldn’t pull-off if a guys **** was in front of my face. I do however believe that I would let a guy suck my **** while in a latex frenzy.

Hi Your story sounds kind of like mine. I was married before and she did not like latex and did not participate by wearing it. Our marrage failed and not because of latex rubber but other items. When I fell in love with my present wife I did not want there to be any secerts between us and so I made the bold move to tell her ALL about my rubber fetish. She does not participate in wearing rubber but has done on several occasions and we have played on rubber sheets. But she really does not seem to care about me wearing rubber. We have been together for 24years and so I guess the rubber should not be considered a problem. Now for who wears rubber it is basicaly men and I got this from several book and by speaking to others with the love of rubber. Men are the most likely of the genders to have fetishes. The proponderance of weomens clothing out there is to attract the men, both because there are a lot of crossers and transgener people that love rubber. Womens clothing styles are more provocative than mens. I love latex because the Playtex Pink Ice Girdle. Wonderful feel and smell. Now I purchase latex clothing from many of the stores. Love to hear from you all Latex 1937