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My Empire Baby Pants Of Years Gone By

I used to buy and have my girlfriend go in and buy me "toddler super" size baby pants in the Gaynes dept. store when we were single, and she would tell me stories of how she needed to put me back in diapers and rubber pants cause I still wet the bed and my pants. I'd get so excited when she would undo my pants and make me feel good with the new baby pants. At nite she would baby me to no end. Wow, what exciting times those were.
imababy imababy 56-60, M 2 Responses Oct 16, 2011

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Wow, I used to do the same thing with my g-friend also. I was in New England where Gaynes was. Were there other stores? Those rubber pants used to turn me on so much just looking at them hanging up on the rack. And they fit me so well, for being made for a real baby. Or were they?

I had to go in and buy my own. You missed out on a lot of excitement at the baby counter where the plastic pants were and at the register by not buying your own. Of course, you can no longer get that experience now.