Do Women Enjoy Wearing Latex/rubber Pants/panties?

I am a lover of latex/rubber wear and have been for ten years, since my late teens.
I have no idea why I got into latex/rubber but it just sort of grabbed my attention one day and soon I could think of nothing else but getting into a pair of latex panties so I ordered some on line and when they arrived I shaved and slipped into them as soon as I had a chance.
I was hooked, I now have a huge collection of latex/rubber clothing and I will admit 75% is underwear.
I buy tight latex/rubber underwear, at least one size smaller (sometimes two sizes smaller) than my normal panties and bra’s so in a way I use the latex/rubber underwear as bondage clothing, (I also have a thing for bondage.)

In the years I have been into latex/rubber wear I have noticed that there is a vast array of latex lingerie sized/styled for men, that would suggest that the men buying the latex underwear also have a thing for ladies underwear and part of their fetish is also wearing ladies underwear, having spoken to lots of men in the fetish lifestyle they usually admit to first wearing girls/ladies panties before turning to latex/rubber. Some even go further and try plastic pants and such. I have also noticed that most men refer to their latex/rubber/plastic pants as panties even when they are talking about adult plastic pants they still refer to them as panties!!!

My philosophy is live and let live, if a man enjoys wearing panties/knickers that is fine with me, if a man/woman enjoys wearing latex/rubber underwear that is also fine, we should all be allowed to live life in comfort doing what pleases us, not what is expected of us by our peers.

In answer to the main question, yes there are women out in the big wide world who love the feel of latex/rubber especially between our legs; it is just that we don’t tend to shout about it like men do for some reason.

Stay slippery. XXX
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I love when women wear latex pants

It's good to hear of someone else who has no idea how they got into rubber pants. Many men claim being put in them as boys caused it. Others as you say got into them via ladies underwear, which is why they call them rubber panties. I had tried ladies underwear briefly but the interest was short lived. I admit though to being turned on by the somewhat shaming knicker style of rubber pants and, although gay, by the idea of a woman seeing me in them; indeed a nurse once did.

That's kinda weird lol

And why do you think wearing rubber or plastic pants is weird?
It does not affect you in any way so why worry about what others wear as underwear.

i love your attitude

Love your comments and support Kim.
Best wishes, Del. x

I love when my latex and plastic panties get slippery mmm

very well said, just wish there were more of you

so true latex is the best ever i love when my gf wears latex and then she demands me to go down on her she taste great...

I have a similar fetish - wearing adult disposable diapers and use them, not for nececcity but for delight... And there is wonderful ************ while my diaper is full my ****... What about you, have you tried it already (besides your rubber panties)?

Many times RPSM, if you can get some nice thick rubber pants they also help prevent the tell tail marks that a cane and a crop normally leave behind.

I take it you mean other than me, lmao.

I take it you mean other than me, lmao.

I love wearing latex and seeing women in it. It is such a wonderful thing.

Hi aperversetwist.<br />
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I sometimes use powder but most of the time i just take my time and put my latex on dry, if i am feeling a little kinky and need my rubber fix quick i have and still use a a little astroglide, especially if the latex panties in question have attachments.

A question, when you're putting on your latex wear do you find you need to use baby powder or silicone lube to get it on? If so which do you prefer?

To each his, or her own. And by the way, my bit's are not always dangly! lol.

Hi Jemitch. Thank you for the information but i like my latex/rubber as tight as i can stand it, lol. I also like the way it sticks to my body and moves with me as as i do not have dangly bits like you do the smoothness is not so much of an issue.<br />
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Hi Kim. Just an afterthought. I get all my rubber chlorinated. It feels even better as the inside is as smooth as the outside. Also there's no need for powder or lubes. This rubber feels as if its been powdered permanently.<br />
Since you live in England I know of two companies who'll do it for you. Latex Essence (in Blackburn) and Catalyst Latex (in Rugby). PM me if you want more details.

Dear Kim.<br />
Thank you for confirming what I have long suspected. There are plenty of lady rubberists out there, but they don't tend to write about it as men do.<br />
My new girlfriend is a genuine rubber lover and we met on this site. She's actually more of a rubberist than I am. I'm only a rubberist from the waist down, whereas she's into total enclosure and gas masks etc. She also wears her latex tight whilst I prefer mine very loose. That's a generation gap thing I think. People of my age grew up in a world where everything waterproof was rubber. Some of us got to like the cool and slippery feeling of rubber against our skin, sliding around us as if it has a mind of it's own.

Yes I do love seeing a woman in latex, I've frequently purchased latex items for the women in my life to wear for me when I **** them, or simply forthem to wear around the apartment.<br />
<br />
It's always a pleasure to see a woman who is into wearing latex on her own and not simply to satisfy someone else's fetish. Though it is certainly appreciated when a woman is willing to satisfy any and all fetishes her partner may have.

Dear Kim<br />
<br />
Thank you for you wonderful comments