Nothing But Rubber

I wear nothing but rubber pants. Plastic pantie are too hard and tear easily. I have rubber panties from Fetwear, Protex, and Babykins. I find that 16 gauge from Fetwear wear the best. But I also like the 16 gauge pants from Babykins fit great, no leaks. Rubber is so much smoother to wear under clothing. I just can't imagine wearing anything else. Rubber panties are the greatest.
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I can't say it any better.

I just live in rubber pants and bloomers from Fetware and Babykins. I don't wear ordinary pants any more.

me too love the feel and the sound too

I can't say it any better.

I always wear rubber pants or bloomers from Babykins next to my skin, I cannot imagine life without them. Babykins have also made me a couple of rubber onsies which cover more of the body and one can really feel the rubber under your ordinary clothes. Babykins also chlorinate their rubber so you do not always need KY jelly or other lubes.

You can certainly get Protex over here. I bought some years ago, but they are expensive.

I agree with you on rubber panties. They are sooooo much more comfortable than plastic. I have a bunch of rubber panties, some from Fetwear, and Protex and a few from ACMed. I find that if they get soiled they stain so I have some that I wear with diapers and some that I wear without diapers. I have been wearing rubber since childhood. Love to hear from ya. Drop me a note at Lynn James, Sacramento, CA

I quite agree, so much more comfortable than plastic. Not sure if we can get Protex or ACMed ones over here in the UK and it sounds as if you like white ones where as I prefer black. Having said that who's bothered about the colour, it's the rubber that counts.

Aren't they just !