I Love My Rubber Pants


diaperpants diaperpants
3 Responses Aug 24, 2009

I actually have some vintage flatfold baby diapers that I wear every chance I get. I love the way the diaper pins stick out and the babish feeling of being diapered and wearing plastic panties!

With or without a diaper i love the sensation of the plastic or rubber panties. I i wear a diaper it gets best with my diaper is wet and heavy - lovely. I enjoy covering myself or getting my partner to cover me (giggle) with nappy rash barrier cream before wearing a pair of plastic panties. The slippery sensations that it creates is very similar and is quite fantastic. I wrote about it in a meditative audio at http://www.hypnotic4play.com you may find interesting if you want to imagine it any time of the day. :O)

Dear Diaperpants,<br />
I am just like you.I love wearing rubber pants over my pin on cloth diapers,and my wife loves putting them on me.<br />
I wear them 24/7,and she is the only one who changes me