Rubber Panties

Back before the atom bomb I was wearing my rubber panties.Since the day I was born my mom put me in a diaper and those beautifuf playtex slipon rubber panties.As I was wearing my rubber panties I began feeling the rubber panties and thought how they would feel without a diaper.So, I took off the diaper then slipped on just my rubber panties an I coulden't believe how smooth  they felt.I'd rub myself to the point it was pure pleasure.Of coarse I didn't cumm or anything like that because of beening so young,but I was stuck on wearing just rubber panties and no diapers I couldn't wait for bed time so I wore my panties all of the time instead of diapers then later underwear.Finely my mom thought it was time to get rid of my rubber panties since she cought me wearing just my rubber panties all by themself and thinking I have grown a fondness for wearing only rubber panties she said that only babys wear rubber panties and your are not a baby any more.I raised so much hell that day and told her I'll start wetting my bed again if you don't give me back my rubber pants.She said that if I wanted to act like a little baby then she went to my dresser and took all of my underwear out and threw my rubber pants in say as far as I'm concerned thats all your going to wear.Of coares in time my rubber pants tore I looked all over trying to find a place that sold baby rubber pants.I went into a drug store and to my surprised in the baby section was a shelf full of different kinds of rubber pants.I remembered the box my rubber pants came in,so I looked threw all of them finding all the ones in toddler size playtex.At that time rubber pants were going for fifty cents a pair.I had just enough in my pocket to buy 1 pair.I took off for home as fast as I could run taking the rubber pants out of the box and put them in my pocket and threw the box away.I ran into the house and headed up stairs when I herd my mom say,whats the hurry.I yeld back  have to use the toilet.I locked the door to the bathroom then ripped my cloths off sat down on the toilet and slipped into my wonderful rubber panties and started to rub myself till my panties started to get wet.Now, I"m sure that everyone that loves to wear rubber panties knows how this story ends and still is going on to this day.

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GEE !!! 26-30 ???....and stretchy Playtex latex baby panties disappeared in the early 1950's !!!...BUT, then came Playtex plastic baby pants !!!

I have ordered my first pair of rubber pants. They will be here soon. I don't wet my bed or pants just want to try out the rubber. My question is to those who wear them 24/7. If your in a public place (Like a grocery store) and don't want to pee in the rubber pants and go the public bathroom do you wait for a stall or what. If you used the uninal you would have to pull down both pair of pants. I would think that would be hard. What to you think or better yet WHAT do you do?

Omg > I love wearing cute little tight bikini style plastic panties >> my body is completely shaved so I can feel the plastic rubbing against my skin better ...... i'am also nicely taned and have a great looking slim swimmers body ..... I'am told that I'am a complete tease when I'am wearing and showing off in my cute little bikini plastic panties and a t-shirt and my cute little ruffle ankle socks ! boy scotty aka <br />
( rubberpantiesboy )

Does he speak about "true-rubber" pants or about "plastic" pants ?? It's often confusing.....

Lover rubber panties - Try covering yourself with diaper rash barrier cream before wearing a pair of plastic panties. The slippery sensations that it creates is quite fantastic. I wrote about it in a meditative audio at you may find interesting if you want to imagine it any time of the day. :O)

By the way Deleted, the Atom Bomb was first dropped in 1945 but you put your age as 26-30. Is this story a fantasy (in which case it's a very good one), or did you get your age wrong?

In reply to RPSM: I belong to the International Association of Rubberists and we have around 10000 members worldwide. You can find them at Joining is free and the service is great. There is also Rubberpal. Again it's free to join.<br />
I couldn't begin to put a figure on the number of people who dress in rubber for pleasure, but given the number of shops selling the stuff it must be millions. Each time I look on the internet a new shop opens and I'm not talking about sex shops either. I mean specialist outlets for rubber clothing.<br />
It's becoming mainstream nowadays.

I have never seen a Rubberist out, say like Walmart, or the Mall, or maybe in a McDonalds or Wendys or anyplace except TV like the recent MTV awards we seen Miley Cyrus, but that was more like a Lady Gaga stun of I go to all these place wearing rubber underneath and I don't go around with my *** sticking out showing my rubber pants off, so Iguess maybe I passed someone and didn't know, but I am always looking for the signs, which I know well.

I actually prefer plastic because I find it tickles more. It also shows more shape of my erection and I can feel more thru it when I tickle it with things:) I can also feel the fly of my shorts rlightly rubbing across it when I walk (if I'm whearing them under my clothes and the plasticpants are really tight)

I go out in public with them on under my clothes all the time. It helps me get off mentally and physicaly when I put my hand in my pocket and rub it down there. Sometimes I don't care if they know I'm whearing them. That makes it more fun.

I wore them with noting underneath since I was 5. I always asked and mom let me. After a while I got to embarassed to go around the house in plastic and an erection. I woould sneek them on. Now they are really tight! It feels so good!