I Love Wearing 1 Piece Lycra Or Spandex In Public

From a young age, I found my true passion in mountain biking. In pursuing the sport, I swiftly discovered lycra which made cycling more pleasurable with the tight fitting shape and padded chamois to relieve pressure.
I really liked the tight feeling and wanted some lycra garments without padding which I felt would give me a great degree of comfort for other activities.
Before I knew it, I was buying bib (strapped) bike shorts and tights, unpicking the padded inserts and wearing just as with a jersey. By removing the padding, it made the lycra feel really form hugging and I liked how it moulded itself around my crotch area. This turned me on somewhat which would be evident by any onlookers. I even ended up looking for one piece bike shorts, cutting the shoulder straps, then sewing them back up 6" shorter. This would eccentuate my crotch area and cause a wedgie which I love the feeling of.
More recently, I have collected a number of lycra skinsuits and seem to be developing a proper lycra fetish which I'm just coming to terms with and am starting to really explore. It's one thing wearing lycra at home, but it's a great feeling being confident enough to wear it in public.
I have two favoured garments which I'm wearing regularly in public.

1. I have bought some 2xu compression tights. I am 6ft 1" tall and am an athletic build, but broad with muscular legs. I bought a size medium. Being compression tights (A technical advantage when running), they are a struggle to get on as they are SO tight around the legs. You have to put them on like a woman would put on stockings, one bit at a time, pulling up high all the way. By the time I have them on, they are incredibly revealing. It makes me look huge, but to make sure I'm supported, I pull up the waste very high, do up the drawstring tightly and roll the waste back down. Sometimes it gives me a bit of a man toe which I like the feeling of.
What I wasn't sure of at first, but have come to relish, is the way lycra garments ride up into your bum like a wedgie. It's a matter of course that when I put these running compression tights on, that this happens because I pull them up so tightly. It's an amazing feeling. If you like wearing lycra too, try pulling it up a little more

2. My passion still remaining with bikes, I have decided to compete in a triathlon. Of course this means wearing a one piece lycra suit with minimal padding to swim, run and bike in. I have bought a couple of tri suits but one has become my favourite. It's a size XS (bear in mind i'm 6ft 1"), but I love this wuit because it naturally pulls tight, without looking like it's too small for me. The cheaper priced garments are generally the poorer fitting ones which work out here. Today, I went on a 40mile bike ride up the local mountain range. Being so hot, I wore only this suit with no additional jersey or top. Being an XS size, the legs ride up a little which I don't like so much, but once you get used to it, you let it happen. Being such a hot day, I sweated an awful lot making the suit sodden, meaning the suit rode up, pulling really tightly against my crotch and rode up my *** meaning a wedgie whether I was standing up on the bike or in the aero tuck position.
As I overtook a goodlooking young lady on the mountain climb, I bid her a good morning and shot past her whichout feeling embarassed or anything. Afterall, it was a mens suit doing something that I couldn't help ;)
After the mountain climb, I ended up on the beach, where I took off my helmet and shoes/socks and wheeled my bike down near the water. A fairly quiet beach, but with a fair few people within sight, I lay my kit down and walked into the water wearing my black shiny one piece bike suit and then I sank under the water and swam out to the bouy and back. While I was swiming, I felt myself flow through the water well and as I kicked like a frog, the short legs settled themselves quite high so that my crotch was given all the space it needed. I then stood in the shallows and proceeded to walk back to my bike. The wet lycra was an amazing feeling and as I stood out of the water, it moulded around my package that had settled to the right showing my full shape with nothing to hit at all. It had also formed the bigest wedgie.  Instead of correcting myself and pulling the suit down a bit, I casually picked up my kit and walked past lots of people, mainly attractive women (!?!?!) to a bench on the grass where I proceeded to get my cycling kit back on to continue my ride. I had allot of women walking past, casually glancing and saying high. I felt that because I was wearing a tri suit that's designed to be cycled and swam in, they respected me for looking good in my kit as oposed to just showing off.

I love lycra firstly because of its function and ability to perform well during activity. I also love it because it makes me feel great and I love finding new ways to wear it and feel good about it.

Any women out there feel this is a turn off? I have a girlfriend and although, she knows I like seeing women in Lycra, she doesn't know to what extent I like wearing it. What do you think her reaction would be?
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My favourite is riding MTB in a black metallic lycra one piece skinsuit with long legs and arms. First times only at mtb tracks (and hardly seeing anybody), later on also in streets (also with traffic and public). It feels fantastic!

I would love to go riding with you. Where do you live?

I have a kind of sportswear fetish and find 1 piece suits very sexy also.I am also quite shy and self concious and ordinarily I would never dare to wear a tri suit in public.However,lately I have had erotic fantasies about going to some secluded location and then stripping off my normal clothing leaving only my sexy tri suit(no underwear) in place.Then i would place my normal clothes in a locking toolbox etc. the key to which was hidden in some distant location.Then i would put the padlock in position and force myself to squeeze the shackle down untill I heard that "click" which essentially meant i was then condemned to riding along many public roads in nothing but my skintight tri suit untill I could retreive the key and return to collect my normal clothes.Does this sound erotic to anyone else or am i just weird?

It sounds exciting...I'm just not that shy and have on many occasions ridden through a busy town in my trisuit or skinsuit.
I even often walk into supermarkets dressed in a similar way!

to the original writer it sounds like you are a bit like me <br />
<br />
but my passion of sport is rowing-1 piece suits, with the leggs riding up really quick-we either pull em down or suck it up and row. <br />
<br />
I love to wear 1 pice suits- rowing suits in public is fine but anything else stays in the bedroom thanks. <br />
<br />
I actually managed to work my way from near the bottom of a good year [i.e. we could row in our competition] to a fourths creq in year 12- thats 4 years, by year 12 we had the success of cloud 15 instead of cloud nine and our names were read out to the whole school at the next assembly all for a like of 1 piece suits [oh and rowing at this school was THE sport to do].

Wish I'd tried Lycra/Spandex cycling gear years earlier than I did. I've missed out on years of comfort, performance, and a great look and feel. still, I'm making up for it now with a fine collection of shorts, jerseys and skinsuits to go cycling in.

I live rowing unitards too. And wrestling ones. I love seeing rowers (female particularly) wearing their rowing suits and seeing cameltoe form'

Yea, I love spandex. The shinier, the better. I love to wear one piece skinsuits when I train. Maybe I am gay or something, but I love them.

I was a baggy pants and basketball shorts guy until I met a girl who was into spandex. Got me into one of them, and I literally can't get them off!