I Werar My Own Girl Panties Now!

I first started by teasing my wife when I put on a pair of her panties. Boy now they felt good. Any way as I put them on my wife said I look good in them but I could not wear hers. I drive a lot so I started seeking her panties and wearing them to work instead of mine. Silk feels so good under you cloths it's unreal.
One day we were at Wa-Mart shopping and I said it must be time for my new panties! My wife looked at me with some shock and then headed for the pantie.
As we got close to the undies I started getting nervous and looking around to see who might be watching a man in the panties, but I had to remind my self that I was with my wife. It's such a rush looking and touching and telling the wife how good these would look or feel on her ( only for those who were listening to our conversation) but was for me.
Over a course of a year now I have a good selection of undies. So now wearing her like undies I need to wear a light day pad to as she does. So now I use a larger one and it makes me look like I am loaded in the crotch. I do like the feeling of panties and wear them faithfully everyday.
As time has gone on and the more I wet the little pad I convinced my wife I need a diaper (pull-up ) to keep me from wetting my pants when I am driving long distances cause I couldn't stop to use a restroom as often as I should. Again in Wa-Mart we were picking up pads for her and I and I said look at the diapers! I explained that these would work well for the road, After a minute or two she grabbed a sample pack of Depends and put them in the cart along with a package of new panties for me.
Now I wear pads Diapers, and panties, all at once. Oh God it feels good with all and boy can I wet the diaper now, even a overload with the liner in the diaper.
I bought the wife a package of female diapers and she did try them on but said they were to tight so now I need to buy the next size up which I will do today.
To some it up, I love my Panties, pads, diapers all at once.
I pee , and poo some times if I am at home so I can clean up The feeling is unexplainable. Its so good to have a loaded diaper with panties over them.
Now if I could only get my wife to wear a diaper with me, that would be the alttiment .
Thank You for reading my story of my fetish .
pafasted80 pafasted80
61-65, M
2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

try wearing plastic panties. next to the skin the feel wonderful. try...www.fetaware.com. especially if they are wet.. .so slipery with xxx.

Well happy pantie wearing. But honestly, though it is nice to have your wife help you with your lingerie shopping, there are also times when it is fun to go shopping for things like lingerie on your own. That is a real rush, especially the first few times.