I Love To Wet My Bed

This morning, I woke up a bit early, and realized that I not only needed to pee, but my pants were dry.  Well, I wasn't ready to get up yet, and I really don't like dry pants, so I just let go, and pee my pants, and the bed right then and there.  Oh boy, but did that feel good.  The wetness spreading down between my legs, around my privates, and into the sheet under me.  I could also feel it working up towards my stomach.  After a couple of moments, I stopped, but still needed to go, so I gave another good push.  This time I really started going good.  Now I can feel the wetness going everywhere,  I even felt it start to drip on my legs from the sheet above me.  I reached down and touched the blanked between my legs, and could feel it was getting a really good soaking.  I totally emptied my bladder, rubbed my hand in it a couple of times, and then gave a big yawn and fell back to sleep.  Well, of course, it wasn't long until the alarm clock woke me up again.  The bed and my pants still felt wonderfully wet.  I kept my wet things on while I went and shaved, and started the coffee.  Then I admired my wet pants for a bit, before I had to change into some dry work clothes.  Of course, I can't go to work with them too dry, so I let out a good stream in my clean undershorts, and then proceeded to finish getting dress for work. 

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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Surely the better more lasting pleasure would be to wet just after going to bed and enjoy its warm dampness around you all through the night. <br />
I love to wake in the night and find my sheets still a bit damp but love even more the smell that comes from under the sheets from the drying pee. (I can only pee as much as will dry by the morning otherwise the wife interferes with aircraft when she goes ballistic!)

Why yes. Yes, I did. Thank you wetbvds. :-)