Wetting All My Life And Still Enjoy It In Middle Age

I always wet my bed. As a child I was a chronic bedwetter and had few dry nights until I was at least 11 or so. During my early teens I discoverd I actually enjoyed this and started wetting on purpose. I had a breif dry spell at the end of my teens but was back to wetting my bed by my mid twenties and have done so on and off ever since. I am back to nightly bedwetting now and thoroughly enjoy being a bedwetter. I like everything about bedwetting.from the feel of my wet bed, the smell of it and the sight of the many overlapping pee stains with a dark wet patch in the middle from my most recent wetting. I like having to wear nappies if I want to keep the bed dry. I genuinely sleep better when I wet my bed and expect I shall be this way for the rst of my life.

Stillwetshisbed Stillwetshisbed
51-55, M
Feb 9, 2010