I Enjoy Being Whipped By My Dominant Wife

For example, when my owner punishes me, She will first of all take me naked down into the cellar, fasten my wrists together, and secure them to a steel hook attached to the ceiling. She then separates my feet and clamps them to the opposite ends of a short wooden beam, after which she covers my mouth with several strips of sticky tape.

All this is done in complete silence. She then leaves the cellar, and goes back up stairs for a while, where she will in all probability have a drink, and something to eat, leaving me strung up for an indefinite period to contemplate what she will do to me when at last she condecends to return.

On the wall in front of me are erected two large full length mirrors, so that I can observe her behind me as she is about to start. This is usually done with a broad leather belt, or strap, but sometimes depending on her mood in can be a cane, or whip, or a riding crop.

Again all this is done in total silence, she never says a single word, and I cannot due to the gag.

The only noise to be herd is the sound of whatever it is she is using, as it strikes my flesh

She takes her time, she is in no hurry. there could be as much as ten or more seconds between each blow. After she has given perhaps a dozen strokes, she will leave again, once more for an unspecified time, before returning to continue my punishment.

The punishment hurts, but for me the knowledge that I am completely helpless, unable to move, and totally in her power for as long as she likes, is joy unspeakable.

When She at last releases me, I am always required to kneel down in front of her, kiss her feet, and thank her profusely for what she has done.

Only when she says "That's enough" do I stop.
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2 Responses Jun 16, 2012

I have just endured a 6 day training programme administered by my wife and her sister, all because I complained that my sis in law was a bit sadistic when I was in her charge.They have won as I am now in total submission to them both.I have been kept naked and shackled for six days, been worked like a dog and repeatedly whipped. Nights have been spent in extreme discomfort, either caged, hung up or left spread eagled. I have not been injured ( they say an injured slave is of no use) but they have become experts with a whip, and can make it very painful without causing any injury, other that a very red and sore back and backside.When they approach me now I drop to my knees, totally subservient.Dare not question an order, or speak out of turn.I accept that I am theirs to use and treat in any way they choose. They are my superiors, and I will serve them.

I cannot agree that being whipped is enjoyable, neither is it enjoyable to be left naked, and helplessly waiting for a whipping that you know will be very painful. I am usually left hanging there for an hour afterwards so I can think about the offence that earned me the punishment.My mistress/wife enjoys knowing that when I am tied and helpless she has total control and power.If I make any attempt to prevent her restraining me,(which I probably could) I know, my punishment would be very unpleasant. I know she will not inflict any punishment that would cause permanent injury, but she is getting to be an expert at administering pain. But as she rightly says, if I obey her rules then I will not be punished, so the punishment is my own fault.

She is, and knows exactly how to use a whip and riding crop to maximum effect.I sometimes wonder, but dare not ask how she can make it so painful without causing me any injury. She would most likely say,an injured slave is no use to anyone.Just knowing how much it hurts certainly deters any acts of disobedience, and she knows it.

Due to suggestions my superiors have found on my EP messages my female boss at work is now involved and also uses me as her slave (whilst I am at work) Between them they have decided that this will keep me under totall control even when I am out of my mistresses control. It has been agree by the three of them that she can administer whatever punishment she considers appropriate for mistakes I may make.My boss is more than willing to use their favourite implements, a whip and riding crop.I am the only male she employs and she has already pointed out the ceiling beam I will be tied to next time I irritate her.I know she can be very strict and will not hesitate to ensure I pay for any mistakes.If I am called to her office I will also be expected to kneel.Things for me are getting worse as I now have no freedom, whatsoever.

If I do anything at work to irritate my boss the thought of being called to her office then ordered to ***** naked to be tied and whipped fills me with dread.The humiliation alone does not bear thinking about, let alone not knowing how severely I may be whipped.The only other employees are two much younger females who my two owners and my boss are considering letting in on their secret. This depends on their views about it and whether they can be trusted to keep it private.My boss is testing them out for their opinions without letting on why she is asking.Like talking casually about the subject etc.What they want is for me to be totally dominated at work as well as home.Now my boss is also part owner of me ( at work anyway) her rules regarding my behaviour at work have been tightened a lot. This is likely to mean that however hard I try I will not escape being punished for something.