Why I Whip My Slave

Note:  My slave has agreed to this.  This has yet to happen, as it is not yet with Me.    My slave is a slave, it is not a bottom, sub, or play-toy! 

I and My slave go to a rented warehouse space, out in the woods, or some other secluded place.  I attach My slave's cuffs---it always wears cuffs.  I have a dress code!---to a cross, or rope them to a tree, whatever. 

I start off with a flogger:
Five strokes.  Rub. 
Five strokes.  Rub. 
Five strokes.  Rub. 
Five strokes.  Rub. 
The purpose of this is to get the blood coming to the skin.  This produces a cushioning effect. 
The flogging and rubbing center My slave on the whipping it is soon to receive.  
This process also starts My slave's endorphins, which help reduce pain. 

I start the whipping, relatively lightly.  Again, so that My slave and its body can adjust. 

The severity increases, until I am at My (no pun intended!) target level of severity.  Twenty strokes are delivered here.  More or less. 

I go to My slave, hugging it, from behind.  it has felt My power, now it feels My concern. 
When My slave has cried as much as it needed, it tells Me it is ready.  I apply disinfectant to it, then I take My slave down. 
For however many mornings/nights are required, I re-apply disinfectant, and renew the bandages I put on it.  We have discussions, for an hour or two. 

In the whipping, My slave feels My power.  I feel its giving itself to Me.  This is very important, to Me, as this lets My feelings "box" open. 
In the aftercare, My slave feels My love.  I am now giving to My slave.  This is important to Me, too, as this lets My slave understand, "Master is there for it!" 

We are now more tightly bonded, because of this shared experience.  This process happens only rarely.  The emotional and physical turmoil of this is so great that this canot be done often! 

As I say, We have discussed this.
Master David Goodmen
MasterDavidGoodmen MasterDavidGoodmen
56-60, M
5 Responses Jan 19, 2011

my first time being whipped was not as pleasent it would have been nice to meet a Master that would be as kind and loving in the end as You

Greetings phillipbozarth,

A whipping cannot be considered "pleasant" under any circumstances, as it hurts likes 7734. Having said that, many things do become pleasant, if the proper person does them.

In this case, a slave gives itself to its Master, for His enjoyment. Afterward, He takes good care of His slave. These are halves of one process, NOT two separate processes. In the first half, the slave shows its trust in the Master. In the second half, He shows His concern and love for His property. The entire process increases emotional binding between the two.

IMCO: A Master who is not kind and loving is defective. Yes, you may quote Me on that!

My knees quiver with Your words Sir! Curtsy, sissy jennifer

beautifully written....for you are a fine master indeed!

Greetings myneed,<br />
<br />
You are the first person (after My slave, of course) to understand this process. Yes, I place great value on My slave. I see tending its wounds as an integral part of the overall process---I would no more leave My slave's wounds untended than I would My own. Indeed, I would tend its wounds before My own! <br />
<br />
Thank you,<br />

Thank you, for your cogent and well presented critique.