The Pleasure Of Whipping

The pleasure of whipping

Once I hung up a naked slave with a rope to a ceiling hook and whipped him without mercy.

Then I was hot and I took off my blouse and my bra.

As I walked around him, I could see his stripes and noticed the tears in his eyes.

While I felt his erection in my hand and he gazed at my bare boobs I asked him if he would deserve the same again or even more?

When I rubbed his errection and squeezed his nipples with my other hand He begged me for a whipping harder than before.

He got it.
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You have written a very good story.

As a slave I get no pleasure out of being whipped. If I did it would not really be a punishment but an enjoyable event.I just accept that as my superior it is her right to treat me as she thinks fit.If I do anything to irritate or annoy her (and I try very hard not to) then I deserve to be punished in whatever way she chooses. I am her slave and if she gets pleasure out of seeing or making me suffer that is all that matters.After all she is a superior female and I am lucky to serve her.

If that was only me strapped and whipped, i would have stayed there fore your pleasure as long as you desire. Thanx for an extremely hot story!!!!

Go Girl Go! and yes, in my opinion you did him good by whipping him again AND harder!

I still remember my first ritual beating at the hands of a WHITE Femdom. i was spread eagled on the floor, aqnd She first sat on my face, sttod up and proceeded to beat me with a flogger, after which She sat on my face again, stood and gave my black *** a good beating! i never forgot that wonderful pain.

This is a really interesting [2 years old] comment from a black man being whipped at the hands of a white woman. I was told by a black guy that some have a fetish to be whipped at the hands of a white master or mistress. He said it harkens back to the slave days when slaves where whipped often and easily. Today, more blacks than you would imagine have a masochistic desire to be whipped by a white master. I never forgot his comment.

it is such a lucky man to have You.... i praise You...

Hi Snippy lady,<br />
I would like to meet you as you are the only one to bring discipline in me.<br />
<br />
LOL<br />
<br />
Fantasy guy.

Yes Ma'am, I would think that if he knew the rules yet broke them then he should expect to be punished at whatever level that you felt he deserved. That must be a very powerful feeling for you when you have striped his body up and it be very noticeable to anyone who might see underneath his clothing yet you yourself are still as normal as ever with no marks to try and hide from people.

You're woman of my taste...


wholy hott story!! you dom women too?! : c)


Sometimes a slave has to be reminded of, what is good for him and what he needs.<br />
<br />
I also like to play with the horniness of a slave. <br />
<br />
If a slave is horny, he reflects no more about the pain while a beating and he does not think how painful a lashing will be, if he is not horny any more.<br />
<br />
That´s why I enjoy to get a slave horny. I let him beg for increasing of his sentence.<br />
<br />
But I am fair. I advice the slave indicates that it is very painful for him when he is whipped in addition, after I have relaxed him. <br />
<br />
Do you think one slave would ask me then to stop?

It's interesting how you found out his longings and<br />
It was generous his wish to fulfill.