Medical Drama Needs Solving?????

Greg, Greg, sorry he's not here
a woman explains to a confused American.
Where is he any idea? he questions.
The woman draws a box shape with her hands.
Are you miming?
The clue observe closely, say what you see.
A box ummm...he frowns.
She continues to draw two boxes.
House! House! he celebrates she claps.

Anyone else unravel that absurd charade at promoting my show?

Laurie cut the American accent it spoils the drama.

I thought it was kinda good. The gruff American you used for ur
sketches in "Fry and Laurie" were fine, but you cannot sustain it.
Back to Britsh? his plum accent returns.
Ur probably correct, he clears his voice. The throat is sore.
They want a Yank.
But hey, i've tried.
I have a suggestion.
I'm listening and feeling nostalgic about our comedy series.
Aah, those days...anyway, he smiles politely, The storyline????.
She throws him a script he reads hungrily mmm......
Could we pull it off.?
House looses speech, a convenient accident slipped in...
love it, he cries i can return to my so called new tone and it'll keep
the American audience happy, not to mention my throat.
Just a thought why would i want to speak British? Why not Swali or....???


jophene jophene
36-40, F
Jul 30, 2010