Forgotten? The Party Everyone Missed....

How could the Pres. forget the most momentous
occasion in history.

Bo's Birthday!
Little Bo is remaining silent, Bar. what happened to those
you deeply loved???

I should have remembered forgive me Bo, please, please.!

Add on another please.

Extra hugs and loving please!

Hmmmm...I'll consider it. I need time to reflect Bar.

Sure, he replies bowing his head lowly, You take ur
time, Bo, but remember I'm sincerely sorry pal.
jophene jophene
36-40, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

it's been a jacknjoday in one pause breathless and tiring.<br />
a reduction in coffee proving too trying.<br />
jack i pounded the streets and fell in love with tea dresses n<br />
dresses themselves, sampled a new perfume and managed<br />
to get some classic cardigans.<br />
then u complained ur feet ached and u loathed clothes shopping.<br />
jack searching and trying outfis will take up a day...<br />
anyway jack i brought u a present<br />
my heart<br />
gal u gentle loving kid.

The question which has probed many great minds is<br />
of course the date of Bo's birthday.