Maggie & Kathleen 2

Maggie was very excited. A handsome farmer from a neighbouring town had invited her to the cinema. The following day she was on cloud nine and rushed to Kathleen’s to tell her friend all about the date. “Oh, he’s a pure gentleman Kathleen, he bought me a big bag of chocolates and we sat at the back. When the film began he put his hand on me shoulder, then he put it down my blouse – and I laughed!
Then he put it on my knee – and I laughed!
Then he put it up my skirt – and I laughed and laughed!
And then, he put it down my knickers – and I laughed and laughed and laughed!”
Kathleen was utterly bemused and asked, “But Maggie, that’s not the behaviour of a gentleman, and it’s not funny, why were you laughing?”
Maggie looked at her friend and said with enlightened enthusiasm, “Kathleen, the chocolates were in my handbag!”
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He, he - glad you laughed, I've got more to come from Maggie & Kathleen. <br />
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LOL<br />
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